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What type of home do you live in?
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Do you have a completely fenced yard?
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If you currently own pets, how will they adjust to a new pet entering their household?
What kind of pets have you had in the past?
Were they all spayed or neutered?
If not, why not?
What happened to your previous pets?
Have you ever turned a pet into a shelter or rescue organization?
If Yes, please explain the circumstances
Have you had a pet euthanized?
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Where your previous dog(s) obedience trained?
Do you currently have a veterinarian?
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Describe the dog you are looking for
Why do you want this dog?
Is this your first dog?
If your new dog/puppy is not housebroken, what method will you use to train it?
Will you keep the dog up to date on vaccinations?
Would you be able & willing to exercise the dog on a regular basis?
Method of exercise:
Is someone home during the day?
How many hours each day will the dog be without human companionship?
Are there times when the dog will be tied up?
Will the dog spend any time in the garage?
If you drive a pickup truck, would you allow the dog to ride in the back?
If you go away for a few days, or on a vacation, who will take care of the dog?
If you move, will you take the dog with you?
How much are you willing to spend on medical bills for your dog?
What would you do if the vet bills go over this amount?
What provisions will you make for the dog should you become unable to care for it?
Are you willing to take responsibility for this dog for the next 10 to 15 years?
Have you ever applied to adopt an animal from S.T.O.P. in the past?
Are you willing to allow a STOP representative to come to see where the dog will be living?